Weekly Wine Club Builds Revenue and Brand Loyalty for Society Wine Bar Franchise

Fun and engaging classes create a sense of community and attract new customers

Society Wine Bar is a first-to-market concept that is more than just a place to enjoy a glass of wine or pick up a bottle after work. We host warm and welcoming weekly Wine Society classes, conducted by our knowledgeable staff, that generate additional revenue and build brand loyalty.

A Society Wine Bar is an exciting and fun franchise to own — our franchisees establish their locations and staff as the go-to destination for all things wine in their community. Our impressive wine list features more than 200 wines by the glass, making us a hot spot for beginning wine lovers as well as aficionados. Additionally, we serve craft beers and small plates ranging from appetizers to desserts.

image of wine glasses and wine bottle

For wine lovers who want to take their love of wine to the next level, our weekly Wine Society classes offer a fun, low-cost deep dive into wine and winemaking — open to anyone in the community who wants to learn more. These classes also build strong brand loyalty — members share their love of wine, and Society Wine Bar staff members share their knowledge of wine.

“Not many restaurants or bars offer weekly classes specifically dedicated to wine and winemaking,” says Founder and CEO Jayme Kosar. “Wine lovers who want to take their knowledge to the next level may be looking for something a little different than a typical class setting. Our weekly Wine Society classes are on site, and they help establish Society Wine Bar team members as the local experts on wine.

The classes also are just one more way our franchise stands out from the usual wine bar or liquor store.

“Wine Society members look forward to their weekly classes and often bring friends, so it’s just one more way to market your Society Wine Bar,” Kosar adds.

Weekly Wine Society offers customer perks and incentives

Weekly Wine Society classes provide an additional revenue stream, plus the guests are likely to shop for a bottle of wine to take home or stay afterward and have a glass off the menu. Our Wine Society meetings offer members exclusive access to premiere wine selections and product discounts. Members also may receive perks such as reduced admission to wine events.

“Everyone comes to Society Wine Bar to enjoy themselves, so in a sense we’re throwing a party and this is our house. You come and join us, and we take care of you. Our weekly Wine Society classes are just another way to open our doors to the community and share our passion for wine,” says Society Wine Bar Manager Matt Pruner.

Learn more about Society Wine Bar franchise

Society Wine Bar is an affordable franchise that meets the growing love of wine in the United States and beyond. Operating in less than 1,200 square feet, with a simple buildout, a Society Wine Bar franchise costs nearly half what it does to open other retail or food-based franchises. With a proven business model that features multiple revenue streams, your Society Wine Bar offers a potentially large return on an initial investment and is poised to become the go-to spot for all things wine in your city.

It’s the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of this franchise opportunity in the booming wine industry. To learn more and to start a conversation, fill out a form to download our free franchise report or visit our research pages.

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