Society Wine Bar Franchisees Benefit from Intensive Training

Invest in a low-cost wine bar concept backed by experienced sommeliers and franchise industry leaders

Launching a food business can be costly, as well as intimidating, but not so with Society Wine Bar. One of the benefits of franchising is systemized training and procedures, and with Society Wine Bar you get all that and more. Our intensive two-week Cork University for new owners is led by our co-founders, both accomplished sommeliers who have spent years visiting vineyards and learning the intricacies of wine making. Additionally we’re backed by franchising experts who are highly knowledgeable on the processes and procedures side, ensuring your wine bar is successful from day one.

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Society Wine Bar’s low startup costs, multiple revenue streams and simple business model that doesn’t require a full kitchen — when paired with this highly knowledgeable leadership team — make our concept an attractive option for entrepreneurs who want concept that stands out in the competitive food space.

A Society Wine Bar also is an exciting and fun franchise to own that quickly becomes the established local hot spot for all things wine. Our impressive wine list features more than 200 wines by the glass, attracting wine lovers of all levels. Additionally, we serve craft beers and small plates.

Society Wine Bar franchisee Geovanni Este was looking for a food business to open in her booming Channelside neighborhood of Tampa when she met Society Wine Bar Founder and CEO Jayme Kosar at a wine class. She was attracted to the ease offered by a franchise business model.

“I was really drawn to having the backing of a team of franchising and wine experts. I’d been reading a book about small business that said franchising was the way to go,” Este says. “The Society Wine Bar franchise group will be purchasing wine in bulk, which allows for a lower cost —  bringing price points really low.”

We’re seeking savvy entrepreneurs like Este to help us expand beyond our popular Tampa, Florida, flagship locations. 2018 is the opportune time to get in on the ground floor of this first-to-market wine bar concept that works well in a variety of markets.

Cork University prepares you to launch and run a successful Society Wine Bar

In addition to becoming part of an exciting, growing brand, Society Wine Bar franchisees get access to training and support from a team with years of business development and wine industry expertise. You will attend Cork University, a two-week intensive wine bar training session in Tampa.

Our training will provide you with everything you need to know about purchasing wines, hiring and coaching staff, and cost-effective daily operations. Once you’ve opened your Society Wine Bar, our leadership team will provide ongoing education to keep you updated on the latest developments in the wine industry.

Our leadership team is here for you as your business grows

Our highly trained staff makes learning about wine both fun and informative in an atmosphere that is a memorable and unique for customers. We’ll show you how to efficiently manage and grow your business through our four proven revenue streams: the Society Wine Bar, weekly Wine Society classes, retail wine store and monthly wine club.

Our highly knowledgeable leadership team will guide you every step of the way as you bring the culture of wine to your community. As word spreads about your Society Wine Bar, you’ll gain regular customers, positive reviews and the reputation for being the destination for all things wine in your city.

Learn more about Society Wine Bar franchise

Society Wine Bar is an affordable franchise that meets the growing love of wine in the United States and beyond. Operating in less than 1,200 square feet with a simple build-out, opening a Society Wine Bar franchise is nearly half the cost of other retail or food-based franchises. With a proven business model that features multiple revenue streams, your wine bar has a potentially large return on an initial investment and is poised to become the go-to spot for all things wine in your city.

To learn more and to start a conversation about one of the most exciting concepts to emerge in franchising in 2018, fill out a form to download our free franchise report or visit our research pages.

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