Society Wine Bar Franchise is a Unique Business Opportunity for 2018

Our wine bar stands out with its low-cost business model and four revenue streams that capitalize on America’s love of wine

With the new year comes new goals and opportunities. If you’re looking for a simple business model with the potential for high revenue, Society Wine Bar is a unique concept backed by a leadership team of wine and franchise industry experts.

America’s love affair with wine is here to stay. The U.S. took the designation of world’s largest wine market from France in 2014 and millennials, the nation’s largest consumer demographic, drink more wine than any other generation, according to a report from the Wine Market Council.

Society Wine Bar Founder and CEO Jayme Kosar opened her first location in historic Tampa, Florida in 2012 to rave reviews and she soon opened a second wine bar in nearby Seminole Heights. The former executive MBA quickly realized she’d developed a business concept that would take America by storm. Kosar and her team are seeking savvy entrepreneurs to bring the Society Wine Bar franchise to cities nationwide. You could bring the culture of wine to your community and own a fun, rewarding and scalable business that quickly becomes the go to resource for wine and wine education for locals and tourists.

“Society Wine Bar is so much more than your average wine store or restaurant bar with a predictable menu of reds and whites,” Kosar says. “People can come in to Society Wine Bar and get an affordable bottle of unique wine as well as the story behind each and every label from our highly trained staff. We also host a weekly Wine Society club that builds a network of loyal customers who can’t wait to return week after week as well as a subscription-based monthly wine club.”

A Society Wine Bar is an exciting and fun venture that will position you as the wine expert in your city. Our impressive wine list features more than 200 wines by the glass, making us a huge draw for wine lovers. Additionally, we serve craft beers and small plates. Your Society Wine Bar will become a popular venue for people looking for something nicer than a traditional sports bar and less pretentious than a bar at a 5-star hotel. We’ve created a fun and engaging vibe where everyone feels welcome and where everyone leaves with new knowledge about wine and winemaking. From couples on date night to a group of women enjoying a girls’ night out, we are your local destination for all things wine.

Owning a Society Wine Bar is not only an innovative and exciting business opportunity, it’s a savvy investment choice featuring affordable startup costs and a proven business model.

We offer a potentially large return on your initial investment

Society Wine Bar is far less expensive to run than the average retail or food franchise, and offers a simple build-out and flexible footprint, operating in fewer than 1,200 square feet. We don’t require a full kitchen, meaning a smaller staff and less costly equipment and the potential for franchisees have a large return to their initial investment.

As a Society Wine Bar franchisee you’ll provide wine lovers with access to wine experts as well as foster a community of fellow wine lovers, while generating four revenue streams: a wine bar, a retail wine shop with bottles for purchase as well as fun gifts for wine lovers, our weekly Wine Society and monthly wine club.

Our team of credentialed experts in the wine and franchisee industries will help you curate your wine list, negotiate buying discounts, train you and your staff and help you market your business. 2018 is the opportune time to get in on the ground floor of Society Wine Bar.

Learn more about Society Wine Bar franchise

Society Wine Bar is an affordable franchise that meets the growing love of wine in the United States and beyond. Operating in less than 1,200-square-feet, with a simple build-out, opening a Society Wine Bar franchise is nearly half the cost than other retail or food-based franchises. With a proven business model that features multiple revenue streams, your wine bar has a potentially large return on an initial investment and is poised to become the go to spot for all things wine in your city.

To learn more and to start a conversation about one of the most exciting concepts to emerge in franchising in 2018, fill out a form to download our free franchise report or visit our research pages.

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