What Makes a Society Wine Bar Stand Out?

Extensive menu and highly knowledgeable staff set us apart

At Society Wine Bar, our staff doesn’t just pour a glass for a guest and walk away. They are skilled wine experts who take the time to share the exciting story behind each bottle – of the winemaker and the vineyard – and act as a matchmaker between the wine and the guest.

“Society Wine Bar staff is trained to help a guest discover their unique individual flavor palate and wine profile in an unintimidating and engaging way,” says Jayme. “Our sommeliers will open a bottle and help you find what you want – fruity, dry or dark.”

An alternative to the typical bar, Society Wine Bar is an upscale and inviting environment to enjoy wine. Jayme has taken decades of experience in the restaurant industry, her business background, and her extensive sommelier training to develop a world-class wine boutique.

Your Society Wine Bar will become a favorite destination for wine lovers seeking the next new varietal, couples on date nights, friends celebrating special occasions and business people entertaining clients.

Society Wine Bar features unique hand-selected wine lists, many of which are unique and produced in small batches. Prices are reasonable, ranging from $5 to $15 a glass and up to $50 a glass on the sommelier’s premium wine list. We also serve wine in the proper stemware to ensure an optimum tasting experience.

“We have taken our large wine list and made it easy for guests to navigate because of our eclectic boutique presentation by groupings rather than types of wine,” Jayme says. “It also creates a more fun and adventurous wine experience.”

Our menu also offers 100 craft beers and small plates, such as artfully arranged cheese boards and desserts. This simple business model makes Society Wine Bar less costly to operate. Society Wine Bar is also designed to complement and support the local restaurant scene. “We are a destination where customers can enjoy an aperitif before dinner or an after-dinner closer such as a port wine.”

Our wine store is an additional revenue source

Society Wine Bar’s retail store provides an additional revenue stream. A wide range of customers seeks our shop out — someone stopping in to buy a bottle of wine for a hostess gift, someone looking for a unique craft beer for the weekend or someone seeking advice from staff on the perfect varietals to complete their home wine cellar.

Hundreds of handpicked boutique wines in a wide range of price points and a highly knowledgeable staff make Society Wine Bar’s retail store stand out. Our team is passionate about winemaking and intimately familiar with the story behind every label, from the vintner to the vineyard.

“We are your local experts on wine – as a Society Wine Bar owner you will be the point person who helps make wine accessible to people,” says Jayme. “We are not just a wine store or a restaurant with a wine menu. People can come in and get an affordable bottle of unique wine and get the story behind the label.”

The retail component of Society Wine Bar also features fun wine-themed specialty items such as wine carriers, wine charms, and apparel.

Our Weekly Wine Society builds a community of wine lovers

Customers take wine knowledge to a new level with fun and engaging Wine Society classes at Society Wine Bar that build brand loyalty. “People make friends at Society Wine Bar and socialize outside the wine bar,” Jayme says. “They share moments and celebrate birthdays and weddings here. We know all of our guests’ names, and we indeed are a family.”

Classes generate revenue and guests are likely to purchase a bottle after a wine class to take home or stay afterward and order from the menu. Our Wine Society meetings build brand loyalty and offer exclusive access to unique selections for members only who enjoy great wines at a fraction of the usual price. Members also may receive perks such as reduced admission to wine events.

There aren’t many community resources that offer an educational trip around the world via wine. Our weekly Wine Society wine classes help establish your Society Wine Bar as the local fun and educational resource for all things wine.

“Everyone comes to Society Wine Bar to enjoy themselves, so it’s almost in a sense like we’re throwing a party and this is our house, and you come and join us, and we take care of you. When customers leave, they take great memories with them,” says Society Wine Bar Manager Matt Pruner.

Monthly wine club generates recurring revenue

Serious wine lovers can purchase wine club memberships ranging from $40 to $100 per month that provide 2 to 4 bottles of hand-picked wine selections that they pick up at their local Society Wine Bar. These memberships have various levels: wine lover, wine aficionado, wine connoisseur and wine snob depending on the customer’s level of expertise.

“Our wine club is a wonderful revenue generator that helps cover some of your operating expenses,” Jayme says. “It also builds tremendous brand loyalty.”

The club is another differentiator that sets Society Wine Bar apart. It is for guests who are more adventurous in their wine journey and love to explore, share and pair new wines. We have a discounted membership rate, adding another incentive to purchase a Wine Club subscription and build a community of wine lovers!

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