What Makes a Good Location?

Society Wine Bar is ideal for busy restaurant and retail areas

Society Wine Bar can be a thriving business in major metropolitan areas, near a bustling retail shopping district or a tourist-frequented area dense with restaurants. An ideal site is in a location with high foot traffic where patrons can stop in for a pre-dinner drink or afterward for a nightcap. We are not a full-scale restaurant, and we strive to become an integral part of the close-knit local restaurant community.

When selecting a site for your Society Wine Bar, you will receive assistance from our leadership team. We recommend a location ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 square feet in a retail space in a middle to high-income area with an abundance of traffic within a few miles of high volume restaurants. We will also provide guidance so that your space layout is efficient and enhances the guest experience.

Since Society Wine Bar requires a small footprint and streamlined buildout because a kitchen is not required, it works in a variety of site locations. Our Tampa locations are in hip neighborhoods frequented by locals and travelers. Both newcomers to learning about wine and wine aficionados make Society Wine Bar a regular destination for all things wine.


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