Wealth Management Expert Passionate about Food and Hospitality Invests in Society Wine Bar

Our unique wine bar franchise appeals to entrepreneurs seeking a low-cost entry into the food industry

Geovanni Este was looking for a food business to open in her booming Channelside neighborhood of Tampa when she met Society Wine Bar Founder and CEO Jayme Kosar at a wine class. After speaking with Kosar, the former wealth management professional knew Society Wine Bar was a promising investment, as well as an outlet for her love of food, wine and hospitality.

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Este moved to the Tampa area to care for her mother a few years ago and began focusing on her love for cooking — particularly making desserts. After earning a culinary arts degree from the Art Institute of Tampa, she began researching businesses but hadn’t found the right concept until she discovered Society Wine Bar.

Most wine lovers begin their wine journey with traditional wines enjoyed before or during a meal, but Este’s fascination with wine developed through dessert wine. “Usually people drink wine with their meal. My enjoyment of wine started with dessert wine. I also enjoy cooking with wine,” Este says. “I started enjoying Riesling with friends, and I’ve developed a taste for more complex wines. I love the entire wine-tasting experience — from swirling the wine in the glass to identifying different tastes on the palate. It’s fascinating. I love the complexity of it, and what you can do with wine.”

Society Wine Bar franchise is an exciting and fun boutique wine business that will position you as a wine expert in your city. Our impressive wine list features more than 200 wines by the glass, one of the largest wine menus in the country. Additionally, we serve an impressive hand-selected collection of craft beers and small plates and desserts. Your Society Wine Bar will become a popular venue for people looking for something nicer than a traditional sports bar and less pretentious than a bar at a 5-star hotel.

Este, our brand’s first franchisee, was attracted to Channelside’s up-and-coming vibe because it reminded her of her New York City roots. One of Tampa’s most affluent areas, the district is undergoing a multi-billion-dollar redevelopment, and Este knew Society Wine Bar was the sort of upscale destination that would thrive there. “When I chose to move to Channelside, I could see what the intention was. I saw a Midtown Manhattan-type vibe. I enjoy the arts scene, and I enjoy that Channelside is near the port where a lot of tourists come in, so there is lots to do. It’s fun to watch that thriving scene and become part of that as a business owner. I’m starting to see everything take off in the area.”

As word spreads about the Society Wine Bar concept, the community is welcoming the business — even months before its official grand opening.

“Society Wine Bar is such a unique niche opportunity, and everyone I’ve spoken to loves the idea. I mean everyone,” Este says. “After a long week of work you can go out and enjoy good wine and learn about wine and wine making at Society Wine Bar.”

Business model offers cost savings, multiple revenue streams

Este also was attracted to the ease and cost savings offered by a franchise business model. “I’d been reading a book about small business that said franchising was the way to go,” Este says. “The wine bar franchise group will be purchasing wine in bulk, which allows for a lower cost —  bringing price points really low. We also have the backing of a team of franchising and wine experts.”

Este also is excited about the creative freedom — and multiple profit points — that will come from running her own Society Wine Bar. “The wine bar will hold four annual events: a spring event, fall festival, winter event and wine and chocolate-centric Valentine’s Day event. These are all additional income streams where franchisees can invite winery and wine company reps to come showcase their wines. There will be a lot of creativity involved in setting up these events.”

In addition to quarterly special events, Weekly Wine Society classes broaden customers’ knowledge about wine. Society Wine Bar is designed to become the destination for all things wine in a fun and non-intimidating environment.

Este loves that she can incorporate her love of cooking into her Society Wine Bar’s special events and community classes. “As someone who is also interested in the food side, I’m interested in showing people how to cook with wine. That is something where I can bring my own personality to the business.”

Bring the culture of wine to your community

Society Wine Bar is an affordable franchise that meets the growing love of wine in the United States and beyond. Operating in less than 1,200 square feet, with a simple build-out, opening a Society Wine Bar franchise is nearly half the cost of other retail or food-based franchises. With a proven business model that features multiple revenue streams, Society Wine Bar has a potentially large return on an initial investment and is poised to become the go-to spot for all things wine in your city.

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