Society Wine Bar Is an Upscale, Passion-Driven Franchise

Unique Wine Bar brand is a go-to destination for all things wine

The U.S. is the largest wine-consuming nation by volume and interest in wine is at an all-time high. Society Wine Bar is an affordable franchise to own that fulfills community demand for a wine speciality center. Founder Jayme Kosar set out to create a cozy destination in the historic Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa where she does more than just sell wines she loved — she wanted to expand and share the culture of wine by breaking down barriers to education about wines.

“When customers order a glass of wine at Society Wine Bar, our expert staff shares the story behind the wine with passion and professionalism — the region the wine originates from, the notes they might taste from it and why, and steps the winemaker took during the winemaking process to influence that in an artistic way,” says Manager Matt Pruner. “You come in, you have fun and you learn about the wine you’re drinking. It is a very different dynamic from the typical bar where you sit down, order and a server pours a glass of wine and walks away.”

A Society Wine Bar is an exciting and fun boutique wine business that will position you as the wine expert in your city. Our impressive wine list features more than 200 wines by the glass, one of the largest wine menus in the country. Additionally, we serve an impressive hand-selected collection of craft beers and small plates and desserts. Your Society Wine Bar will become a popular venue for people looking for something nicer than a traditional sports bar and less pretentious than a bar at a 5-star hotel.

We’ve created a fun and engaging vibe where everyone feels welcome and where everyone leaves with new knowledge about wine and winemaking. From couples on date night to friends enjoying a girls’ night out, we are your local destination for all things wine. We’re seeking investors to open our one-of-a-kind wine-centric brand in cities nationwide.

Society Wine Bar offers an impressive wine list and staff

Most wine bars are restaurants with a very limited wine list of 20 to 30 wines. These run-of-the-mill selections get old and can be picked up at your local grocery or liquor store. Consumers also are often limited in their knowledge about wine, many times lacking the education to make choices or finding the wine selection process to be intimidating. Society Wine Bar offers a unique 200 wines by the glass, one of the most extensive wine menus in the country and a level of expertise from certified staff that is unmatched.

Society Wine Bar was created to satisfy the demand for unusual wine varietals and wine education for people, wherever they may be on their life journey. The United States is the fourth-largest wine producing country in the world after France, Italy, and Spain, and more people are becoming wine drinkers who are genuinely interested in the winemaking process. Our highly knowledgeable staff is passionate about wine and the story behind each wine label, from the vintner to the vineyard. Experienced wine lovers value our staff’s in-depth knowledge of vintners and vineyards and our extensive inventory of unique and hard-to-find wines.

“Wine is art in a glass, and we are extremely passionate about extending the culture of wine to wine lovers nationwide through Society Wine Bar,” Kosar says. “Our wine bar is not pretentious, and our staff members are all certified wine experts who are happy to share their expansive knowledge with guests. We have every price point and every palate covered.”

Bring the culture of wine to your community

Society Wine Bar is an affordable franchise that meets the growing love of wine in the United States and beyond. Operating in less than 1,200 square feet, with a simple build-out, opening a Society Wine Bar franchise is nearly half the cost of other retail or food-based franchises. With a proven business model that features multiple revenue streams, Society Wine Bar has a potentially large return on an initial investment and is poised to become the go-to spot for all things wine in your city.

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